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Open House News and Notes


Lunch:  The cafeteria will send information home concerning lunches and procedures.  Your child is not allowed to purchase extra snacks at school.  We encourage them to eat their lunch that you packed or that they bought at school.  Parents may eat lunch with their child one time a month.  The parent must call or send a note ahead of time to let us know to expect an extra person.


Absences:  Anytime your child is out due to illness or appointments, you must send a note to school the next day.  If your child misses too many days, the school policy is that a doctor’s note is needed.  (Use the pad provided by school if possible for your notes.)


End of the Day Dismissal Changes:  If for any reason your child must change the way he/she goes home (bus, car, walker) or there is a change in the person that picks him/her up, I must have a note that morning or a telephone call to the office stating the changes.  We can not allow your child to go home differently without hearing from you first.


Math Tool Kit:  Your child will get a math tool kit to use this year.  If he/she deliberately breaks any of the tools or looses the tools, the school will have to bill the parent for new supplies.  I stress responsibility in class.  Please help me by stressing it at home. 


Names on Clothes or Things Brought to School:  Any item that your child brings to school, please help us out by labeling it with permanent marker.  We do not want anyone to misplace something important.


Dress for the Weather:  As the weather changes, your child must dress for the temperature.  If it is cold and he/she does not have appropriate clothes to wear, he/she will have to stay inside at recess.  Also, please abide by the school dress code.  Make sure your child is wearing clothes suitable for school.  We discourage flip flops and sandals.  These shoes are not safe for running and playing at recess.  (See Handbook)


Zip Snap Tie:  Help us make sure that your child can zip, snap, and tie his/her own clothing.  We will help students with this until Christmas break.  After Christmas, they will be expected to do these skills on their own.  Try not to send them in outfits that would naturally give them trouble putting on, pulling up, or managing alone.


Gym Day:  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for gym class.  The children must wear tennis shoes that day.  Also, girls must wear clothes that allow them to feel comfortable in participating in all activities.


Birthdays:  When considering sending invitations to school to pass out in the classroom, please keep this rule in mind.  To hand out invitations, you must invite the entire class, all boys, or all girls.  If you do not want to invite the entire class, all boys, or all girls, then please mail the invitations to avoid hurting children’s feelings.


2 Hour Delays:  Our school will have 2 hour delays according to the calendar.  At that time, teachers will be meeting to go over assessments.  Please watch for notes and the calendar.  2 hour delays will be noted on the monthly calendar.

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