Math Information

Information Regarding Math:

Units and Family Letters:
Throughout the year in Math, we will work through 8 units of study.  At the beginning of each unit, a "Family Letter" will be sent home providing an overview of the unit, important vocabulary terms used in the unit, suggestions of activities to work on at home, and answers to odd questions on the homework for each HomeLink (homework page) in the unit.  Be on the lookout for the Family Letters!

Topics presented in each unit:

Unit 1- Place Value, Multidigit Addition & Subtraction

Unit 2- Multiplication & Geometry

Unit 3- Fractions & Decimals

Unit 4- Multidigit Multiplication

Unit 5- Fraction and Mixed-Number Computation, Measurement

Unit 6- Division, Angles

Unit 7- Multiplication of a Fraction by Whole Number, Measurement Unit 8- Fraction Operations, Applications Homework and Math Facts:

Students should expect to have math homework nightly Monday-Thursday. Math homework is generally not given over the weekend. Most nights, math homework will consist of a HomeLink worksheet which practices the skills taught in the lesson of the day and 50 math fact practice problems. The math facts will focus on multiplication and division to increase fluency. At the end of the week, students will be given a 100-question, 4-minute timed test of the facts they practiced during the week. It is expected that students improve their score on the timed test weekly and a 96/100 or higher score two consecutive weeks will advance the student to the next level of facts. The Math Fact Levels are as follows: multiplication- 0-10s multiplication- 11s multiplication- 12s multiplication- 0-12s division 0-12s mixed multiplication/division 0-12s Any students who achieve at least 96/100 on the mixed multiplication/division 0-12s facts will not have to complete the math fact homework the following week. They will, however, still be required to take the timed test at the end of the following week to demonstrate continued mastery.

Study Island: 
Study Island is a great online tool to use at home to help practice skills taught in class.  I will assign students topics for the skills we have discussed in each unit.  Students can view an online lesson and answer questions pertaining to each skill using Study Island.  By answering at least 70% correct in each skill, students will also earn Blue Ribbons, which will be rewarded in school.  In addition, there are game modes in Study Island where students can play short games if they answer questions correctly.  

ConnectEd is a great online resource to keep up with what your child is learning about in Everyday Math.  The Student Reference Book and Family letters are all online, as well as video tutorials and math games to practice computational and problem-solving skills.  Students should have their usernames and passwords in their agenda books.